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Beings of The Light ~ Live Ascension Teachings

May 2020

Channeling Goddess Iemanjá ~ Embracing the Flow of Emotions Within

May 27, 2020

In this powerful session, Kimberley channels Goddess Iemanjá, who is both a goddess of the sea, and an elemental sea spirit. Iemanjá, along with session participants, discuss how our emotions and thoughts are energy currents with us, that allows or disallows us to live in a flow state. The session also explores the power of water, and how you can connect to the elements with practical. psychic techniques based on Oneness. The session also explores why people may be drawn to certain elements such as water, and some may alternatively be repelled with intense fear. This includes a session participant explore her fear of water with Iemanjá, with some step by step practical techniques to address it.


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