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Beings of The Light ~ Live Ascension Teachings

Jul 2020

Channeling Goddess Ishtar ~ Divine Feminine Creation Powers Within All

July 23, 2020

In this very powerful session, Kimberley channels Goddess Ishtar, and is joined by session participants, as they explore how we can step more into our power. This session involves a guided meditation exercise to connect and activate your felt power and worthiness. It is a harnessing of Divine Feminine creation and leadership energy, which assists you in utilizing your inner Divine Flame as an empowerment technology, allowing you to step forward in your power, and manifest a reality based on this loving power. 


The session also explores energy portals, how you can access them, how this relates to Ascension Symptoms, and how it relates to your multidimensional lives. Discussion also involves what Ishtar looks like from Kimberley's perspective, what the Beings of Light in higher truth are, and how this relates to human creativity and evolution. The session additionally explores how by activating and aligning to your power within your heart space, you also activate more abundance to be manifested in your physical reality. Session topics also include how you can unite duality dimensions within your life experience to remember Oneness and unconditional love, and how you can activate and enhance your psychic abilities.


Ishtar poses the question to us, “It’s time to awaken to your power, are you ready?" 


If you are then join us in this consciousness expansive session, which is full of powerful energy activation, in what is one of Kimberley's most powerful channeling events.



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