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Beings of The Light ~ Live Ascension Teachings

Apr 2020

New Earth Teachings With Ascended Master Lakeshma ~ Our Timeline Alignment to Oneness Remembrance

April 29, 2020

In this session, Kimberley brings forth Lakeshma, who, along with session participants, discuss a range of topics, including how Oneness is already expressed in our physical reality, and how the Great Awakening may include fear based story explorations, as we journey through dimensions of consciousness. Discussions also included how Lightworkers are now finding their voice, how the alignment of golden ages are impacting our present life, how our individual and collective soul contracts correlate to our reality and society as a whole, and how Atlantis played a powerful role for people in this present life experience. This session also includes a hidden lesson around the half way point. Did you catch it?


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